Szőke szandra quintet

Szandra Szoke represents a new generation of singer-songwriters in the Hungarian jazz scene. Having teamed up with exquisite, experienced jazz musicians, the Szandra Szoke Quintet defines itself as modern jazz ensemble with a unique, story-telling angle, making an attempt to find balance between lyrics that are rich in thought and music that is colourful and excels in virtuosity. The members of the quintet are:

Szandra Szoke | voice
Gabor Cseke | piano
Istvan Fekete | trumpet
Peter Olah | double bass
Csaba Pusztai | drums



Memory Palace

„This album is the result of a lot of inner wars, roaming, and soul-searching. It may even perhaps manifest itself as a journey into my soul. This is highly personal material, hence it’s uneasiness. Each song is a mirror-image, if you take a glance at it, you get to like it, and if you face it for long, it grabs hold of you and won’t let go. At once it’s heart-warming and gloomy. It keeps you company, and echoes in you. But what if I like it this way?”

Recorded at SuperSize Recording, Hungary.
Recording by Gabor Noniusz.
Mix and master by Dexter
Cover photograph by Skrabán Judit
Photograph  by Schindl Gabriella
Design  by René Margit

©2014, Hunnia Records. All Rights Reserved.



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